Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Today's Look

This will sound insane but sometimes I literally do dream about an outfit and this was last night's conjuring - an outfit I've never put together before.

The blouse was a recent purchase from Dorothy Perkins of all places. I absolutely love the detail and it looks just as good done up to the neck or undone to show a sneak peak of decolletage.

The cigarette pants are from H&M last year - I fell in love with them because they reminded me of a pair of ski pants my mum used to wear in the 80's with a slouchy knit (guess I take my taste in clothes from her!).

My Chanel esque jacket is LUX from Urban Outfitters a few years back. And finally the shoes are absolute killers from Carvela.

Feeling very Karl Lagerfeld - now where's my shades and gloves da'ling!

Fashion confession

Stick with this......

About a month ago I watched the original Footloose for the first time EVER. So the first confession is:
  1. Yes, it really has taken me 28 22 years to see the original Footloose film
This leads me to the second confession:
2.      I really REALLY want to see the new one - eeek! I'm cringing as I tell you...
Now, it’s not just because I’m desperate to see them dance their little feet off, it’s also because ever since I first saw the advert it has made me think of some of my favourite fashion spreads. This now leads me to another confession.

3.      I can’t throw out magazines. I have mostly every issue of Vogue since 2004 and a number of another fav mag of mine – American Elle – much to my husband’s dismay when we’ve moved as many times as we have! They are pretty heavy to shift.
So when I saw the advert again today I decided to search out the images I had remembered and here are some snippets from said spreads.

The first three are from Sept 2004 and the second three from Sept 2008 (I can tell you’re judging me now – I am a total magazine geek). As you’ll see there are two things to note here. Despite being four years apart they are incredibly similar – they both feature western style and they both include Jessica Simpson.
So this finally leads me to my final two confessions:

4.      I LOVE a good old check shirt, a smattering of distressed leather, a beaten up pair of cowboy boots and my jeans. Secretly I want to be from the Deep South. America that is, I don’t think Brizzle is quite the same!
5.      I kind of love Jessica Simpson. I don’t know why but I do. I loved MTV’s Newly Weds, I have her wedding book and I was gutted when her and Nick broke up.......

Saved the best till last didn’t I?! Right, I’m off to go and hang my head in shame! Perhaps I'll put on a check shirt to pay homage too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Today's Look

Today has been pretty mild here in Bristol (although it is now chucking it down outside whilst I write this!) and with some brand new knitwear in my wardrobe I decided to match it with my favourite ever skirt! That's right - I got my legs out in October!

It's a Karen Millen number from years and years ago which can be dressed up or down. I mostly wear it with a plain white vest, battered denim jacket and pumps in the summer but thought it would look kinda cute with my newest A/W boots and Zara cable knit sweater. What say you?

Matched with Leighton Denny Supermodel nail varnish (literally the best nude colour I've found) I felt very autumnal.

Sweater from Zara. Skirt from Karen Millen (years ago). Boots from Marks and Spencer (totes!)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today I would like to be wearing

Ring from Net-A-Porter Sweater from ASOS Necklace from Topshop. Bag from ASOS. Jeans from Zara
The jeans and ring are long time 'wants'. I blogged about that ruddy ring agggeeeesss ago too here. The sweater is just cute and I love oversized clutch bags during the day. Lastly, the necklace is a bit kooky - but I LOVE Halloween and it kinda feels fitting.

Inspo for the day

Stuck for outfit ideas. Here's a couple of images that are inspiring me today - perfect for this autumn weather. Their all taken from some of my favourite blogger sites - check them out.
 Love everything about this outfit The Blondesalad

 Hair and makeup inspo Olsens Anonymous

So cute as always Ulrikke Lund

Love this outfit but my favourite bit is the shoes - they're mice! Lovely Pepa 

Nails are AMAZEBALLS Studded Hearts. Wonder if it's OPI Muppet Collection?! I'm thinking Kermit 

Relaxed but still pulled together. I ♥ Love Maegan

Tan, Hair, Lashes and that furry hair band. What is not to love LLYMLRS

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Missing in action

So apart from today, I've been a bit MIA - I just wasn't feeling very inspired I guess and sometimes life just gets in the way. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been up to much. Here's a week (and a bit) in pictures. 
A picnic with Mr M.....
 chilling out in the last of the sunshine....
and watching balloons.
Shopping with my sister and nephew - it all got a bit much for him in Zara!
An early morning jog....
to take a look at the Clifton suspension bridge.
 Rocking out the tweed for the first time this year...
and a bit of leopard print too of course!  
A spot of cooking in the new flat....
 Fish pie, green beans and sugarsnap peas I'll have you know.
And making home. It's looking pretty good.

Pampering at The Body Centre of Clifton

Today I went for a little pampering session at The Body Centre of Clifton. I was gifted some vouchers for this beauty salon and having never been there before I was eager to see what it was like.

I already have 'go-to' salons for my waxing, threading and tan, and I tend to do my nails myself - although I do love it when someone else does them for me. They ALWAYS look better don't they. Anyway, these all feel like 'maintenance', so, having perused their menu of treatments (of which there is loads), I decided to go for something which would be more of a treat - an aromatherapy back, neck, shoulders and face massage. I suffer from really knotted shoulders so thought this would be relaxing and beneficial all in one. Also a little aromatherapy facial rub has gotta be good at this time of year, right? ALSO, Mr M grumbles massively about rubbing my shoulders.

The salon is quite small and the front waiting room/nail bar is done out with really cute french armoires full Guinot products. I was greeted by the very smiley and friendly Catherine who offered me a comfortable seat for five minutes. Whilst waiting I noticed their large range of bare minimal make-up. I've never used it before but have heard some really positive reviews. Has anyone used it before?

The treatment room was also decorated elegantly with glam patterned wall paper and mirrors. Dim lighting and soothing music make it an instantly relaxing environment.

Catherine first removed my make up with a really creamy cleanser (Guinot I presume), before massaging my face and neck, and then shoulders and back for an hour. It was heaven. I thought my shoulders were pretty loose at the moment but it turns out that I was very wrong. By the end of the hour I was completely relaxed and my skin felt amazing. Perhaps I should be adding a neck and shoulder massage to my 'maintanence' regime...... Catherine's chit chat was at just the right level too so that I didn't lie there in silence or get distracted by small talk.

I don't go to salons for these kind of treatments very often (although I would love to) and the last one I went to was in a luxury resort in Thailand on my honeymoon. However, from my experience I would definitely recommend them. I thought the salon itself was neat and tidy, the staff were very friendly and the massage was carried out very well. The price was also reasonable too I thought - £32.50. In fact I'm keen to now book in for a full on facial to combat the winter weather.

I wish everyday could be a pampering day.

Miss Piggy to be the face of M.A.C

First there was the OPI Muppets Collection with colours such as "Warm and Fozzie," "Divine Swine," "Getting Miss Piggy With It" or "Gone Gonzo."
But now it's been announced that the voluptuous and slightly un-hinged sow will be the face of M.A.C from November......Apparently you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
Miss Piggy has been described as "Icon. Actress. Supermodel. Chanteuse. Muse. Frog-o-phile. Cinema and television superstar nonpareil." It goes some way to explaining why she's also going to be a guest judge on Project Runway All Stars.....

With the sudden Piggy-mania I thought I would take a look back at some of her most memorable looks which have made her the icon she is today........

It's all really convenient timing too. The Muppets movie is out in November where she'll be wearing some mega designers as she plays her role as "editor" of French Vogue..... Some pigs get all the luck.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Down in the dumps

When you've made a big decision you have to stick to it. Deciding to quit my job and pursue a more fashion/beauty career was a BIG decision. Whilst I've had (and continue to get) some amazing opportunities which would never have happened before, I've also had a number of disappointments. One of these came today. It's moments like this that I must find the strength to stand up, dust myself off and be thankful for everything I've got - and remember the best moments.

And if that fails - I'm off to eat chocolate and popcorn!