Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beauty Spot

Why does everything always finish at the same time?!

All three of my very favourite beauty must-haves are done. Oh no! As I have mentioned before, I live and die by Elemental Herbology's Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator. It is truly the best moisturiser I have ever used.

My cleanser of choice is Eve Lom's - it's like a facial in a jar and leaves my skin totally rejuvenated. In short, IT'S AMAZING.

Last but not least is my secret weapon….. Darphin Purifying Balm. I'm told this isn't meant to be used every night, but I slather it on each night and can feel it zapping any unruly skin and smoothing out those late twenties wrinkles which are trying to set in… Doesn't say any of this on the pack but a really do swear by it.

As you can see, I'm not one of those girls who stick to just one brand - I like to mix it up a bit.

Going back to the original dilemma though - this is bound to set me back… ohhhhh £110. Space NK makes a pretty penny out of me!

My name's Claire and I'm a beauty addict!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Oh My Clog!

Oh My Clog!

As you know, since falling for the Chanel clogs I have been on the search for the perfect pair sans the Chanel price tag - PR just don't pay that well!! Having discovered a few pairs, none of them have quite fit the bill (or should that be foot!). Anyway, I believe the search may be over…

Whilst embarking on a rather swift strut (burning calories so I can wear the BCBG bandage style dresses from SS10 NYFW,) I happened across an independent shoe shop on Park Street - and there they were in the window!!!! Unfortunately, said shop was shut. However, I will be hot footing it down there to try them on very very soon. I'll keep you posted.

Also on the shopping list is a new 'it brag'. You know - the type of bag that makes others weep with joy!! Slightly cheesy I know, but any bag-a-holic knows exactly what I'm talking about!

I'm drawing up a strict shopping list of must-have's which the chosen bag must fulfil - Stay tuned.


Friday, 12 March 2010

All that glitters...

The Wedding Board

I know it's the same old story, but I really have been totally manic for the past month.

I can usually find a spare moment during the day to write, but alas this has not been so. To top it off, Talk Talk are incapable of putting internet into my house..... I feel a rant coming on, so I'll move on.

Over the past month I have spent A LOT of time thinking about the wedding and have pulled together a little mood board.

Obviously the big day isn't going to be quite as decadent, but it's a starter for ten.

I'm mostly annoyed about the fact that Macarons are now EVERY WHERE!

By the time I get married I'm pretty sure everyone will have had them…. Never mind. Still plenty of time for decisions to be made.

Next step, THE DRESS!!!!!

Stay tuned…..