Sunday, 19 December 2010


I kept promising myself that I'll get back into the swing of updating this, but alas I have not....

I suppose it's been harder to find the time since January. Last Christmas my landlord decided to sell my flat (which I LOVED) and, instead of trying to find a new home over Christmas, Mr M and I decided that the most sensible thing would be to move back in with my mum and dad (Mrs F and Big T) for the time being..... and we're still there!

It was most definitely the most sensible thing to do but I think both of us have felt a little weird about the situation. It's probably been worse for Mr M than me. But, apart from having to swallow our pride, it has meant that:
- we no longer eat in front of the TV
- we spend more time out-and-about in the country
- we don't go out and drink too much as much!
- we don't stay in bed all Saturday
- we have started going to the gym again
- we get to walk my mum and dad's dog - Finn
- we have saved a load of money for our wedding
- we have paid off our student loans
- we eat more fruit and veg
- we get to enjoy my mum's home made food - Mmmmmm

That's a lot of positives, but of course there are some negatives too:
- we commute between Wales and Bristol everyday (that's over 300 miles a week and 10hours in the car
- we can't just pop out with friends after work without flipping the coin for who's driving (Mr M has been amazing and almost always drives)
- we don't have too much spare time in the week
- we don't have too much time just us!

Anyhoo - on top of all this, there's been the usual Wedmin and MASSIVE work load. However, I'm going to try to start blogging more often (again). I'll also try to document our time in the country before we had back to the city in the next 4 months (it's likely to be more hunters than stilettos).

Guess we just have to except we're part of the 'boomerang' generation - lucky M&D!