Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Just another day

(Scarf: ASOS, belt: Karen Millen, bracelet: my mum's, ring: Melinda Maria, watch: Casio)
(Not the best quality... Boots: Chinese Laundry, grey jumper dress: H&M, belt: Karen Millen, Blazer: ASOS)

Not much going on today really. Typical day in the office so opted for something comfortable.

The weather is definitely on the change and I practically lived in my winter boots last week. I bought this pair last year to replace a knackered old pair of leather over-the-knee, (almost) flat boots from my uni years (six years ago...). I remember having to have them and feeling so Barbarella when I wore them it was magical. It's great now they are more main stream - though a small part of me is sad these beauties are now in the general public domain. At least I won't get so many strange 'what is she wearing' looks anymore...

These aren't as high in the thigh region as the originals, but they're super comfy and practical for the walk to and from work, not that that is usually a deciding factor. Thought I would throw in a photo of my accessories too.

The bracelet was lent to me by my mum years ago. She wore it on her wedding day and I love the little imperfections in it from the endless wear my mum put it through at my age and the numerous repairs it has been through. The watch is retro Casio and the ring is Melinda Maria.

Monday, 28 September 2009

When Claire met Donna

A few weeks ago I mentioned I met Donna Air, who very kindly agreed to work with one of my clients to promote the benefits of organic milk. I spent the day with her whilst she carried out a series of interviews and a photo shoot, and it was really inspiring. I'm now on the quest to try and change more of my diet to organic in the bid to one day look as gorgeous as Donna ..... Not my best photo but it wasn't my photo shoot!

It's been a while

Fridgehenge at 5.00am - Ick!

Bro Stav - BFF
The weeks are flying by at the moment and yet I'm not sure what I have to show for them.

Since last time I have:
Enjoyed some great catch up time with my best friend Zoë
Bumped into the twin bro sporting fetching tweed
Built Stonehenge from fridges ....
Decided to take more interest in my teeth. This could be a passing phase when I receive the bill
Reduced my intake of caffeine (only two cups of tea today)
Started back on my diet (updates to follow)
Trolled the tinternet for all updates on fashion weeks
Visited the in laws
Received a brand new iPhone - hurrah!
Gone blonder

Friday, 18 September 2009

TFI Friday

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy - It's Friday 5.30! Possibly my favorite time of the week. Problem is I have nothing to upload being that I am sat at my lap top in my office packing up for the weekend :-(

Not to worry - I have lots going on this weekend so will have a load of stuff for show and tell!!

First things first - wind down wine time with Lady Parsnips and King of Tunes GJ at our favorite watering hole.

Laters kids.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

I ♥ Proenza Schoulder

Still playing catch up on NYFW before LFW starts in 10hours, and I have just come across the Proenza Schouler season....... so cool!

Neon colours + sexy little ruffle skirts + wet suit-esq tops = very cool beach wear which will never make it further than the cool hangouts near the beach or off the yachts. There's nothing like a bit of neon with beach dried hair and a killer tan to spell summer to me - shame the nights are now drawing in. Mind you - I think I'll pass on the purple hair that was sported on their catwalk!

There are too many to choose from.... here's just a few courtesy of

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Alexander Wang Spring 2010

Okay - Alexander Wang is without a doubt an amazing designer, but unfortunately his fabulous designs are relegated to my file named 'In your dreams - you have boobs'! I must point out that this does not stop me from coveting his designs.
His spring 2010 collection is no exception. However, this time I am more than intrigued by the new line, as these three dresses are totally boob friendly and I LOVE the plaits, boots, cut-a-way socks, neutral shades..... you get the impression.


Want it!! The detail on the neck line is just gorgeous

I love this dress - the clutch is super cute too

photos@ imaxtree

I have finally managed to catch up with some of the fashion storming its way down the catwalks this week. So far I ♥ the BCBG Max Azria 2010 spring collection. The styles are so sexy and womanly, yet with that dirty rocky edge which I just can't resist...... Had better jump back on the diet if I'm going to squeeze myself into the bandage dress. Paired with biker boots and leather jacket it would be delicious too.

Time Flys

I. Can. Not. Believe. It. Is. Wednesday already…..

It has been crazy since my last blog. I have:

Attended a Caribbean Rum tasting night
Caught up with my holiday chums over too many bottles of wine
Stayed in bed until noon…
Breakfasted in the sun by a pool with my lovely man
Arranged a photo shoot
Attended a radio day
Talked to a gazillion journos
Met the lovely Donna Air
Photographed organic milk!
Fallen off my diet with amazing ease
Drank a lot of coffee
Broken my iPhone
Started my saving fund for a pair of Louboutins (the answer to all my A/W needs)

Fallen in love with the Ladyhawke album all over again

Now back to normality I am looking forward to:

Checking out the latest news from New York Fashion Week
Catching up with my favorite blogs
Figuring out how to add my favorite blogs to my page
Uploading some images at long last
Going organic (totally inspired by Donna)
Completing my A/W wish list

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Banksy Exhibition

Insane detail

Very clever

Twisted original

One of my personal favorites

Classic Banksy

House of Chimps..... sound familiar?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive some tickets for the Banksy exhibition in Bristol. Thankfully these tickets omitted the five and half hour que... Phew!

It was Banksy's first exhibition since 2000 and there was loads of talk about it - it didn't disappoint. The physical pieces of work aside, the whole exhibition had a mysterious vibe to it. Where else would the staff not know they would be working on it until the day before after being hired through the job centre, and a drunk looking Ronald McDonald would magically appear in the middle of the night, as if ready to jump from the building....

It was so much more than 'street art'. The ground floor took form as a weird pet shop, with the rest of the museum then turning to a more classic/naturalist form of art, and a kind of treasure hunt for other hidden and obscure pieces of Banky's work. Take a look - these are just some of may favorite pieces.

Fashion Weeks

It's started..... New York Fashion Week kicked off this morning and there's only 7 days 23 hours and 14 mins until London goes fashion manic. Hurrah hurrah! Strange to be so excited about spring summer next year when I haven't even started wearing my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So it's my first blog and I'm totally excited about it. I've been tearing scraps from magazines since I can remember, sticking them in books and using them for inspiration and keeping them as my guilty pleasure. Now I'm going public!

For now I'm going to upload some of my favorites that I've been saving on my laptop, but as soon as I get my head round this I'll upload some golden oldies as well as anything that grabs my attention from London Fashion Week this month, and everything in between - can not wait.